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Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia
Our Publications, 2008  ( 16 from 426 total )

  • N.V.Shilova, O.E.Galanina, A.Yu.Rubina, V.I.Butvilovskaya, M.E.Huflejt, J.Chambers, A.Roucoux, N.V.Bovin
    2-Aminopyridine - a label for bridging of oligosaccharides HPLC profiling and glycoarray printing.
    Glycoconjugate Journal, 25(1), pp.11-14, (2008) [abstract] [PMID: 17674203]

  • S.Gautman, E.Yu.Korchagina, N.V.Bovin, W.J.Federspiel
    Monoclonal anti-A antibody removal by synthetic A antigen immobilized on specific antibody filters.
    Biotechnol. Bioeng., 99(4), pp.876-883, (2008) [abstract] [PMID: 17705231]

  • A.G.Klopocki, T.Yago, P.Mehta, J.Yang, T.Wu, A.Leppnen, N.V.Bovin, R.D.Cummings, etc.
    Replacing a lectin domain residue in L-selectin enhances binding to P-selectin glycoprotein ligand-1 but not to 6-sulfo-sialyl Lewis x.
    J.Biol.Chem., 283(17), pp.11493-11500, (2008) [abstract] [PMID: 18250165]

  • S.Oo-puthinan, K.Maenuma, M.Sakakura, M.Tsuiji, K.Denda-Nagai, I.Shimada, S.Tsuruta-Nakamura, N.V.Bovin, etc.
    The amino acids involved in the distinct carbohydrate specificities between macrophage galactose-type C-type lectins 1 and 2 (CD301a and b) of mice.
    Biochemica Biophysica Acta, 1780(2), pp.89-100, (2008) [abstract] [PMID: 18053814]

  • E.M.Rapoport, S.André, O.V.Kurmyshkina, T.V.Pochechueva, V.V.Severov, G.V.Pazynina, H.-J.Gabius, N.V.Bovin
    Galectin-loaded cells as a platform for the profiling of lectin specificity by fluorescent neoglycoconjugates: a case study on galectins-1 and -3 and the impact of assay setting.
    Glycobiology, 18(4), pp.315-324, (2008) [abstract] [PMID: 18256179]

  • N.A.Ilyushina, E.A.Govorkova, T.E.Gray, N.V.Bovin, R.G.Webster
    Human-like receptor specificity does not affect the neuraminidase-inhibitor susceptibility of H5N1 influenza viruses.
    PLoS Pathog., 4(4), pp.1-9, (2008) [abstract] [PMID: 18404209]

  • E.M.Rapoport, O.V.Kurmyshkina, N.V.Bovin
    Mammalian galectins: structure, carbohydrate specificity, and functions.
    Biochemistry (Moscow), 73(4), pp.393-405, (2008) [abstract] [PMID: 18457568]

  • A.S.Gambaryan, A.B.Tuzikov, G.V.Pazynina, J.A.Desheva, N.V.Bovin, M.N.Matrosovich, A.Klimov
    6-sulfo sialyl Lewis X is the common receptor determinant recognized by H5, H6, H7 and H9 influenza viruses of terrestrial poultry.
    Virol J., 5(1), p.85, (2008) [abstract] [PMID: 18652681]

  • A.C.Bateman, M.G.Busch, A.I.Karasin, N.V.Bovin, C.W.Olsen
    Amino acid 226 in the hemagglutinin of H4N6 influenza virus determines binding affinity for alpha2,6-linked sialic acid and infectivity levels in primary swine and human respiratory epithelial cells.
    J. Virol., 82(16), pp.8204-8209, (2008) [abstract] [PMID: 18550676]

  • E.V.Parfinovich, L.V.Mochalova, J.G.Molotkovsky, N.V.Bovin, E.I.Vodovozova
    Identification of a new carbohydrate-binding site of influenza virus. [Article in Russian]
    Russ. J. Bioorgan. Chem., 34(5), pp.716-720, (2008) [abstract] [PMID: 19060947]

  • K.Maenuma, M.Yim, K.Komatsu, M.Hoshino, Y.Takahashi, N.V.Bovin, T.Irimura
    Use of a library of mutated Maackia amurensis hemagglutinin for profiling the cell lineage and differentiation.
    Proteomics, 8(16), pp.3274-3283, (2008) [abstract] [PMID: 18690646]

  • O.E.Selina, A.A.Chinarev, P.Obukhova, A.Bartkowiak, N.V.Bovin, E.A.Markvicheva
    Alginate-chitosan microspheres for the specific sorption of antibodies. [Article in Russian]
    Russ. J. Bioorgan. Chem., 34(5), pp.522-529, (2008) [abstract] [full PDF] [PMID: 18695725]

  • G.V.Pazynina, V.V.Severov, M.L.Maisel, I.M.Belyanchikov, N.V.Bovin
    Synthesis of mono-, di- and tri-O-sulfated N-acetyllactosamines in a form suitable for glycochip printing.
    Mendeleev Communs., 18(5), pp.238-240, (2008) [full PDF]

  • L.Keleta, A.Ibricevic, N.V.Bovin, S.L.Brody, E.G.Brown
    Experimental evolution of human influenza H3 hemagglutinin in the mouse lung identifies adaptive regions in HA1 and HA2.
    J. Virol., 82(23), pp.11599-11608, (2008) [abstract] [PMID: 18829764]

  • N.V.Bovin, A.B.Tuzikov, A.A.Chinarev
    Oligoglycines: Materials with unlimited potential for nanotechnologies.
    Nanotechnologies in Russia, 3(5-6), pp.48-61, (2008) [abstract] [full PDF]

  • G.V.Pazynina, V.V.Severov, N.V.Bovin
    The synthesis of linear trilactosamine. [Article in Russian]
    Russ. J. Bioorgan. Chem., 34(5), pp.696-703, (2008) [abstract] [PMID: 19060944]

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