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Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia
Our Publications, 2001  ( 13 from 426 total )

  • E.V.Shipova, N.V.Bovin
    Modified blood group A trisaccharide probes: synthesis and interaction with antibodies.
    Carbohydrate Letters, 4(2), pp.85-90, (2001) [abstract] [PMID: 11506162]

  • I.V.Lekakh, N.V.Bovin, G.P.Bezyaeva, A.M.Poverenny
    Natural Hidden Autoantibodies React with Negatively Charged Carbohydrates and Xenoantigen Bdi.
    Biochemistry (Moscow), 66(2), pp.163-167, (2001) [abstract] [full PDF] [PMID: 11255123]

  • I.Camby, C.Decaestecker, L.Gordover, R.De Decker, Y.Kacem, A.Lemmers, H.-C.Siebert, N.V.Bovin, etc.
    Distinct differences in binding capacity to saccharide epitopes in supratentorial pilocytic astrocytomas, astrocytomas, anaplastic astrocytomas, and glioblastomas.
    J. Neuropathol. Exp. Neurol., 60(1), pp.75-84, (2001) [abstract] [PMID: 11202177]

  • K.Kayser, E.Hauck, S.André, N.V.Bovin, H.Kaltner, L.Banach, E.Lancaster, H.-J.Gabius
    Expression of endogenous lectins (galectins, receptors for ABH-epitopes) and the MIB-1 antigen in esophageal carcinomas and their syntactic structure analysis in relation to post-surgical tumor stage and lymph node involvement.
    Anticancer Res., 21(2B), pp.1439-1444, (2001) [abstract] [PMID: 11396228]

  • A.V.Timoshenko, S.Y.Vakhrushev, N.V.Bovin, H.-J.Gabius
    Inhibitory effect of carrier-immobilized synthetic histo-blood group A-, B-, H-, and SiaLe-oligosaccharides on H2O2 generation by human polymorphonuclear leukocytes.
    Carbohydrate Polymers, 44, pp.351-355, (2001)

  • B.Gerber, C.Tinguely, N.V.Bovin, R.Rieben, T.Carrel, U.E.Nydegger
    Differences between synthetic oligosaccharide immunoabsorbents in depletion capacity for xenoreactive anti-Galα1-3Gal antibodies from human serum.
    Xenotransplantation, 8(2), pp.106-114, (2001) [abstract] [PMID: 11328581]

  • O.E.Galanina, A.V.Feofanov, A.B.Tuzikov, E.M.Rapoport, P.Crocker, A.Grichine, M.Egret-Charlier, N.V.Bovin, etc.
    Fluorescent carbohydrate probes for cell lectins.
    Spectrochimica Acta, 57(11), pp.2285-2296, (2001) [abstract] [PMID: 11603844]

  • A.Roos, M.Essers, D.van Gijlswijk-Janssen, N.V.Bovin, M.R.Daha
    Both IgG and IgM anti-pig antibodies induce complement activation and cytotoxicity.
    Xenotransplantation, 8(1), pp.3-14, (2001) [abstract] [PMID: 11208186]

  • V.V.Tertov, V.V.Kaplun, I.A.Sobenin, E.Yu.Boytsova, N.V.Bovin, A.N.Orekhov
    Human plasma trans-sialidase causes atherogenic modification of low density lipoprotein.
    Atherosclerosis, 59(1), pp.103-115, (2001) [abstract] [full PDF] [PMID: 11689212]

  • A.E.Zemlyakov, V.V.Tsikalov, V.O.Kuryanov, V.Ya.Chirva, N.V.Bovin
    Synthesis of N-acetylmuramoyl-L-alanyl-D-isoglutamine beta-aryl glycosides. [Article in Russian]
    Russ. J. Bioorgan. Chem., 27(6), pp.439-443, (2001) [abstract] [PMID: 11811066]

  • N.A.Ushakova, M.E.Preobrazhenskaya, N.E.Nifant'ev, Ya.V.Vonyi, T.V.Pochechueva, N.V.Bovin
    Effects of mannose derivatives on development of selectin-dependent peritoneal inflammation in rats and mice. [Article in Russian]
    Vopr. Med. Khim., 47(5), pp.491-497, (2001) [abstract] [PMID: 11766259]

  • T.V.Pochechueva, E.V.Shipova, G.V.Pazynina, E.Yu.Korchagina, N.V.Bovin
    ELISA-based mapping of anti-A, anti-B and anti-AB mAbs with synthetic oligosaccharides and glycoconjugates.
    4th Workshop on Monoclonal Antibodies Against Human Red Blood Cells and Related Antigens, p.7, (2001)

  • M.A.Dikusar, I.V.Kubrakova, A.A.Chinarev, N.V.Bovin
    Polymerization of 4-nitrophenylacrylate under microwave heating conditions. [Article in Russian]
    Russ. J. Bioorgan. Chem., 27(6), pp.457-461, (2001) [abstract] [full PDF] [PMID: 11811070]

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