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Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia
Our Publications, 1985  ( 6 from 426 total )

  • N.V.Bovin, T.V.Zemlyanukhina, A.Ya.Khorlin
    Synthesis of neoglicoproteins having haptens Galα1-3GalNAcα1-)Ser, Galβ3GalNAcα1, Galβ1-3GalNAcβ1, (GalNAcα1-)Ser.
    Bioorgan. Khim., 11, pp.1256-1264, (1985)

  • N.V.Bovin, E.Yu.Korchagina, A.Ya.Khorlin
    An improved synthesis of benzyl 2-acetamido-4-O-(2,3,4,6-tetra-O-acetyl-β-D-galactopyranosyl)-6-O-benzyl-2-deoxy-α-D-galactopyranoside.
    Bioorgan. Khim., 11, pp.1253-1256, (1985)

  • A.E.Medvedev, N.D.Gabrielyan, N.V.Bovin, A.Ya.Khorlin
    Monospecific antibodies to an artificial T-antigen, the characterization of their specificity and their use for the identification T-antigenic determinants on cell surface. [Article in Russian]
    Bioorgan. Khim., 11(7), pp.908-919, (1985) [abstract] [PMID: 2413865]

  • A.Ya.Khorlin, N.V.Bovin
    Immobilization of the Lea trisaccharide and a muramoyldipeptide in polyacrylamide. Incorporation of an adjuvant into artificial carbohydrate antigens.
    Bioorgan. Khim., 11, pp.671-673, (1985)

  • N.V.Bovin, I.A.Ivanova, A.Ya.Khorlin
    Artificial carbohydrate antigens. Conjugation of the Lea trisaccharide with polymers by the oligosaccharide-->glycosylated spacer-->antigen scheme.
    Bioorgan. Khim., 11, pp.662-670, (1985)

  • N.V.Bovin, A.Ya.Khorlin
    A convenient synthon for the synthesis of the determinant oligosaccharides Le and ABH (type 1). [Article in Russian]
    Bioorgan. Khim., 11(6), pp.826-829, (1985) [abstract] [PMID: 2412568]

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