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Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia
Eugenia Rapoport , Ph.D.


1981:    Moscow, Pharmaceutical College

1988:     Moscow, Mendeleev Institute of Chemical Technology

1997:     Ph.D.

Hold positions:

1982-1988: technician in the Lab. of inorganic Chemistry of Institute of Chemical Technology

1988-1992: engineer in the Lab. of Biotechnology, Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry Russian Acad.Sci.

1992-1997: junior scientist in the Lab. of Polymers for Biology in the same Institute.

1997-till 2001 - scientist in the Lab. of Polymers for Biology in the same


2001 – 2002 - - scientist in the Lab. of Carbohydrate Chemistry in the same Institute.

2003 – till now – senior scientist in the Lab. of Carbohydrate Chemistry in the same Institute.

10.11.97 - 9.10.98 - post-doctoral position in the laboratory U419 INSERM, Nantes,France, grant N 97 12964  Region «Pays de Loire», themes «Characterization of the receptors for the colon cancer antigens»; «Changes in  the expression of the carbohydrates in the colon carcinoma cell lines after induce of apoptosis»


Technical knowledges:

Routine operations with cell cultures ,  flow cytometry analysis of lectin and  carbohydrates expression on cell surface; analysis of DNA degradation by  electrophoresis in agarose gel, histochemistry  using cryogenic slides by microscopy, purification of proteins by gel-permeation, ion-exchange-, affinity,- hydrophobic-chromatography and HPLC,  analysis of proteins by electrophoresis in PAAG, isoelectric focusing,  chromatofocusing and immunoprecipitation, determination of specificity of lectins and antibodies by ELISA 


Scientific interests

Carbohydrate-binding proteins: purification, carbohydrate specificity and structure of lectins,  identification of  sugar-binding  receptors on the cell surface; changes of the carbohydrate expression on cell surface after induce of apoptosis,  and phagocytosis of apoptotic bodies and tumor cells  by macrophages,  lectins on macrophages participating in the phagocytosis of apoptotic bodies and tumor cells.


               English - read - spoken

               French - read – spoken

               German - read

Position: senior scientist
Phone: +7 495 330-66-83; Fax: +7 495 330-55-92
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Publications: (total 24) [print version]

1. O.A.Vokhmyanina, E.M.Rapoport, S.André, V.V.Severov, I.M.Ryzhov, G.V.Pazynina, E.Yu.Korchagina, N.V.Bovin, etc.
Comparative study of the glycan specificities of cell-bound human tandem-repeat-type galectin-4, -8 and -9.
Glycobiology, 22(1), pp.207-217, (2012) [abstract] [full PDF] [PMID: 22547138]

2. E.Cherny, E.M.Rapoport, S.André, H.Kaltner, H.-J.Gabius, N.V.Bovin
Galectins promote the interaction of influenza virus with its target cell.
Biochemistry (Moscow), 76, pp.958-969, (2011) [abstract] [PMID: 22022970]

3. O.A.Vokhmyanina, E.M.Rapoport, I.M.Ryzhov, E.Yu.Korchagina, G.V.Pazynina, V.V.Severov, H.-J.Gabius, N.V.Bovin, etc.
Carbohydrate specificity of chicken and human tandem-repeat-type galectins-8 in composition of cells.
Biochemistry (Moscow), 76(10), pp.1185-1192, (2011) [abstract]

4. O.V.Kurmyshkina, E.M.Rapoport, E.V.Moiseeva, E.Yu.Korchagina, T.V.Ovchinnikova, G.V.Pazynina, I.M.Belyanchikov, N.V.Bovin
Glycoprobes as a tool for the study of lectins expressed on tumor cells.
Acta Histochem., 112(2), pp.118-126, (2010) [abstract] [PMID: 19285339]

5. O.V.Kurmyshkina, E.M.Rapoport, E.V.Moiseeva, E.Yu.Korchagina, T.V.Ovchinnikova, G.V.Pazynina, I.M.Belyanchikov, N.V.Bovin
Glycoprobes as a tool for the study of lectins expressed on tumor cells.
Acta Histochem., 112, pp.118-126, (2010) [abstract] [PMID: 19285339]

6. E.M.Rapoport, T.V.Pochechueva, O.V.Kurmyshkina, G.V.Pazynina, V.V.Severov, I.M.Belyanchikov, H.-J.Gabius, N.V.Bovin, etc.
Solid-phase assays for study of carbohydrate specificity of galectins.
Biochemistry (Moscow), 75(3), pp.310-319, (2010) [abstract] [PMID: 20370609]

7. E.M.Rapoport, O.V.Kurmyshkina, N.V.Bovin
Mammalian galectins: structure, carbohydrate specificity, and functions.
Biochemistry (Moscow), 73(4), pp.393-405, (2008) [abstract] [PMID: 18457568]

8. E.M.Rapoport, S.André, O.V.Kurmyshkina, T.V.Pochechueva, V.V.Severov, G.V.Pazynina, H.-J.Gabius, N.V.Bovin
Galectin-loaded cells as a platform for the profiling of lectin specificity by fluorescent neoglycoconjugates: a case study on galectins-1 and -3 and the impact of assay setting.
Glycobiology, 18(4), pp.315-324, (2008) [abstract] [PMID: 18256179]

9. E.M.Rapoport, L.V.Mochalova, H.-J.Gabius, J.Romanova, N.V.Bovin
Search for additional influenza virus to cell interactions
Glycoconjugate Journal, 23(1-2), pp.115-125, (2006) [abstract] [full PDF] [PMID: 16575529]

10. E.M.Rapoport, G.V.Pazynina, M.A.Sablina, P.Crocker, N.V.Bovin
Probing Sialic Acid Binding Ig-Like Lectins (Siglecs) with Sulfated Oligosaccharides
Biochemistry (Moscow), 71(5), pp.496-504, (2006) [abstract] [full PDF] [PMID: 16732727]

11. E.M.Rapoport, L.V.Mochalova, H.-J.Gabius, J.Romanova, N.V.Bovin
Patterning of lectins of Vero and MDCK cells and influenza viruses: the search for additional virus/cell interactions.
In: Handbook of Carbohydrate Engineering, K.J.Yarema, Ed. CRC Press, pp.49-69, (2005)

12. E.M.Rapoport, Yu.B.Sapot'ko, G.V.Pazynina, V.Bojenko, N.V.Bovin
Sialoside-Binding Macrophage Lectins in Phagocytosis of Apoptotic Bodies
Biochemistry (Moscow), 70(3), pp.330-338, (2005) [abstract] [full PDF] [PMID: 15823088]

13. E.V.Moiseeva, E.M.Rapoport, N.V.Bovin, A.I.Miroshnikov, A.V.Chaadaeva, M.S.Krasilshchikova, V.Bojenko, C.Bijleveld, etc.
Galectins as markers of aggressiveness of mouse mammary carcinoma: towards a lectin target therapy of human breast cancer
Breast Cancer Research and Treatment, 91(3), pp.227-241, (2005) [abstract] [full PDF] [PMID: 15952056]

14. E.M.Rapoport, I.I.Mikhalev, J.Zhang, P.Crocker, N.V.Bovin
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Bioorgan. Med. Chem. Lett., 13(4), pp.675-678, (2003) [abstract] [full PDF] [PMID: 12639556]

15. E.M.Rapoport, S.V.Khaidukov, O.Baidina, V.Bojenko, E.V.Moiseeva, G.V.Pazynina, U.Karsten, N.V.Bovin, etc.
Involvement of the Galβ1-3GalNAcβ structure in the recognition of apoptotic bodies by THP-1 cells.
Eur. J. Cell Biol., 82(6), pp.295-302, (2003) [abstract] [full PDF] [PMID: 12868597]

16. M.S.Krasilshchikova, E.M.Rapoport, T.V.Ovchinnikova, G.V.Pazynina, N.V.Bovin, E.V.Moiseeva
Macrophage-tumor cell interaction in BYRB mouse leukosis model.
Baltic J. Lab. Animal. Sci., 12, pp.68-73, (2002) [abstract] [full PDF]

17. O.E.Galanina, A.V.Feofanov, A.B.Tuzikov, E.M.Rapoport, P.Crocker, A.Grichine, M.Egret-Charlier, N.V.Bovin, etc.
Fluorescent carbohydrate probes for cell lectins.
Spectrochimica Acta, 57(11), pp.2285-2296, (2001) [abstract] [PMID: 11603844]

18. E.M.Rapoport, M.V.Necrasov, S.V.Khaidukov, E.V.Svirshchevskaya, L.S.Zhigis, L.V.Kozlov, T.N.Batalova, N.V.Bovin, etc.
Cellular localization of the galactose-binding lectin from human serum.
Biochemistry (Moscow), 65(11), pp.1316-1320, (2000) [abstract] [PMID: 11112850]

19. E.M.Rapoport, J.Le Pendu
Glycosylation alterations of cells in late phase apoptosis from colon carcinomas.
Glycobiology, 9(12), pp.1337-1345, (1999) [abstract] [full PDF] [PMID: 10561459]

20. O.E.Galanina, A.B.Tuzikov, E.M.Rapoport, J.Le Pendu, N.V.Bovin
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Analytical Biochemistry, 265(2), pp.282-289, (1998) [abstract] [PMID: 9882404]

21. E.M.Rapoport, L.S.Zhigis, A.E.Ivanov, E.Yu.Korchagina, T.V.Ovchinnikova, V.P.Zubov, N.V.Bovin
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IJBC, 3, pp.57-67, (1997)

22. E.M.Rapoport, L.S.Zhigis, E.Yu.Korchagina, T.V.Ovchinnikova, V.P.Zubov, N.V.Bovin
Isolation and characterisation of galactose-binding lectins from human blood serum. [Article in Russian]
Russ. J. Bioorgan. Chem., 22(5), pp.353-357, (1996) [abstract] [PMID: 8929220]

23. E.M.Rapoport, L.S.Zhigis, E.V.Vlasova, V.E.Piskarev, N.V.Bovin, V.P.Zubov
Purification of monoclonal antibodies to Ley and Led carbohydrate antigens by ion-exchange and thiophilic-adsorption chromatography.
Bioseparation, 5(3), pp.141-146, (1995) [abstract] [PMID: 7655191]

24. E.V.Vlasova, N.E.Byramova, A.B.Tuzikov, L.S.Zhigis, E.M.Rapoport, S.V.Khaidukov, N.V.Bovin
Monoclonal antibodies directed to the synthetic carbohydrate antigen Ley.
Hybridoma, 13(4), pp.295-301, (1994) [abstract] [PMID: 7806250]

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