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Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia
Nadezhda Shilova , PhD


Date and place of birth: June 3, 1977, Kirov, Russia

Martial status: married

Nationality: Russian

Affiliation and official address: Shemyakin&Ovchinnikov Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, ul. Miklukho-Maklaya 16/10, Moscow, 117997, Russia



Moscow State University, Department of Chemistry, 1994-1999. M.Sc. Thesis "Enzyme-based method for phenol determination using peanut peroxidase", Supervisor Dr. T.N. Shekhovtsova; Laboratory of kinetic analysis methods.



1999 - present time Ph.D. student of Laboratory Carbohydrate Chemistry, Shemyakin&Ovchinnikov Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Moscow, Supervisor Dr. Bovin N.V.



Bioorganic chemistry; analytical chemistry, structure and function of glycoconjugates; carbohydrate-protein interactions; chip arrays; structures of glycoprotein N-carbohydrate chains, immunoassay.



experience in labelled oligosaccharide synthesis; glycoconjugates synthesis; structures of glycoprotein N-carbohydrate chaines; experience of handling with HPLC, mass-spectra, ELISA data.



Obtainig and labeling of N- and O-chaines of glycoproteins, HPLC of labelled sugar, chip array; develop of cancer diagnostic chip.

Position: researcher
Phone: +7 495 727-38-63; Fax: +7 495 330-55-92
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Publications: (total 12) [print version]

1. O.E.Galanina, A.A.Chinarev, N.V.Shilova, M.A.Sablina, N.V.Bovin
Immobilization of polyacrylamide-based glycoconjugates on solid phase in immunosorbent assays.
Methods Mol. Biol., 808, pp.167-182, (2012) [abstract] [PMID: 22057525]

2. N.V.Shilova, M.Navakouski, N.Khasbiullina, O.Blixt, N.V.Bovin
Printed glycan array: antibodies as probed in undiluted serum and effects of dilution
Glycoconjugate Journal, 29(2-3), p.87, (2012) [abstract] [PMID: 22258790]

3. N.V.Bovin, P.Obukhova, N.V.Shilova, I.S.Popova, M.Navakouski, C.Unverzagt, M.I.Vuskovic, M.E.Huflejt
Repertoire of human natural anti-glycan immunoglobulins. Do we have auto-antibodies?
Biochemica Biophysica Acta, 1820, pp.1373-1382, (2012) [abstract] [PMID: 22365885]

4. P.Obukhova, V.E.Piskarev, V.V.Severov, G.V.Pazynina, A.B.Tuzikov, M.Navakouski, N.V.Shilova, N.V.Bovin
Profiling of serum antibodies with printed glycan array: room for data misinterpretation.
Glycoconjugate Journal, 28(8-9), pp.501-505, (2011) [abstract] [PMID: 22057658]

5. N.V.Shilova, M.Navakouski, M.E.Huflejt, A.Kuehn, R.Grunow, O.Blixt, N.V.Bovin
Changes in the repertoire of natural antibodies caused by immunization with bacterial antigens.
Biochemistry (Moscow), 76(7), pp.862-866, (2011) [abstract] [PMID: 21999548]

6. M.E.Huflejt, M.Vuskovic, D.Vasiliu, P.Obukhova, N.V.Shilova, A.B.Tuzikov, O.E.Galanina, N.V.Bovin, etc.
Anti-carbohydrate antibodies of normal sera: findings, surprises and challenges.
Molecular Immunolology, 46(15), pp.3037-3049, (2009) [abstract] [PMID: 19608278]

7. N.N.Tupitsyn, Y.A.Udalova, O.E.Galanina, Z.G.Kadagidze, N.B.Borovkova, P.Obukhova, N.V.Shilova, N.V.Bovin, etc.
Tumor-associated glycan LewisC in breast cancer.
Hematopoiesis immunology, 2, pp.45-54, (2009) [abstract]

8. N.V.Shilova, O.E.Galanina, A.Yu.Rubina, V.I.Butvilovskaya, M.E.Huflejt, J.Chambers, A.Roucoux, N.V.Bovin
2-Aminopyridine - a label for bridging of oligosaccharides HPLC profiling and glycoarray printing.
Glycoconjugate Journal, 25(1), pp.11-14, (2008) [abstract] [PMID: 17674203]

9. V.I.Dyukova, N.V.Shilova, O.E.Galanina, A.Yu.Rubina, N.V.Bovin
Design of carbohydrate multiarrays
Biochemica Biophysica Acta, 1760(4), pp.603-609, (2006) [abstract] [full PDF] [PMID: 16466673]

10. N.V.Shilova, O.E.Galanina, T.V.Pochechueva, A.A.Chinarev, V.A.Kadykov, A.B.Tuzikov, N.V.Bovin
High molecular weight neoglycoconjugates for solid phase assays.
Glycoconjugate Journal, 22(1-2), pp.43-51, (2005) [abstract] [full PDF] [PMID: 15864434]

11. N.V.Shilova, N.V.Bovin
Fluorescent Labels for the Analysis of Mono- and Oligosaccharides [Article in Russian]
Russ. J. Bioorgan. Chem., 29(4), pp.339-355, (2003) [abstract] [full PDF] [PMID: 12947755]

12. I.S.Alpeeva, V.S.Soukharev, L.Alexandrova, N.V.Shilova, N.V.Bovin, E.Csoregi, A.D.Ryabov, I.Yu.Sakharov
Cyclometalated ruthenium(II) complexes as efficient redox mediators in peroxidase catalysis.
J. Biol. Inorg. Chem., 8(6), pp.683-688, (2003) [abstract] [full PDF] [PMID: 12774217]

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