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Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia
study of monoclonal antibodies specificity

Our laboratory has taken part in two Workshops on monoclonal antibodies. Antibodies provided to us from these Workshops were studied using synthetic glycoconjugates in order to reveal their carbohydrate specificity or establishing fine epitope specificity. Antibodies to blood group antigens A, B, H, Lewis were studied within the frames of Workshop [ ], whereas antibodies to leukocyte antigens were studied on Workshop [ ] (CD Workshop VI). Glycochip, 192-dot plate pre-coated with streptavidine followed by coating with carbohydrate antigens as Sug-PAA-biot was developed for rapid specificity analysis. Results obtained using glycochip were compared with those of standard ELISA. No considerable differences were observed but chip technology provided considerable time gain.

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