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Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia
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S.D.Shiyan, V.V.Nasonov, N.V.Bovin, A.E.Medvedev
Immunosupressive activity of normal, embryonic and cancer α1-acid glycoprotein and its molecular forms, differing by glycosylation.
Experim. Oncol., 15 (2), pp. 46 - 50, (1993)

Immunosuppressive properties of α1-acid glycoprotein (AGP) isolated from normal (n-AGP) and abortive (a-AGP) human blood and also from ascitic fluid of patients with stomach cancer (c-AGP) as well as their molecular forms differing in glycosylation were studied in mixed lymphocyte culture (MLC). It was shown that n-AGP, a-AGP, c- AGP and their molecular forms n-AGP-1, n-AGP-2, c- AGP-1 and c-AGP-2 possessed the inhibitory activity but to different extent. At all the doses studied a- AGP and n-AGP inhibited T-lymphocyte proliferation more strongly than n-AGP.

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